Part of an on-going series of articles highlighting adult and youth supervisors working for the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs.


Kevin B. Carter, Supervisor--Investigations

Kevin B. Carter, Supervisor--Investigations

The difference between a Supervisor and a great Supervisor is reputation. Supervisor, Kevin B. Carter, has a reputation that precedes him greatly. What distinguishes him from other Supervisors is that he does what he does, not for any material gain, but for the improvement of the city.

Mr. Carter has been with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) since 1985. He started out in the department of recreation at DCRA. Currently, he maintains the position of Supervisor Investigator, where his role is to be a team leader. “I’m like a coach, and they’re the players,” Mr. Carter used this comparison to describe the relationship between him and the employees he oversees.

With the help of his team, they provide investigative help to the different buildings in the District. From basic business licensing to complaints, Mr. Carter deals with it all. He makes sure that his team is proactive in what they do, and that the needs are met. The amount of responsibilities that they have is endless. Under the division of  Investigations, there are so many things that be can be put under that wide scope.

Mr. Carter says that one of his greatest accomplishments has been the Division of the Year award that he received in 2004. He enjoys doing the press-worthy things that get what he does attention from the media, not for any accolades but so that different areas can get the attention that they need.

–Van Crawford