[Visit the NoMa Flickr group to see some cool pictures taken around the neighborhood.]

NoMa is the District of Columbia neighborhood located just north of Capitol Hill and Union Station. The name NoMa stands for North of Massachusetts Avenue, and has been one of D.C.’s most famous neighborhoods for over 150 years.

Originally, this 35 block neighborhood was home to many industrial warehouses, and was a key service center for freight trains coming in and out of the city. The area has also been home to the Government Printing Office for over 100 years. Today, NoMa has become one the fastest growing and most profitable areas in the city, with such business and organizations as XM Radio, CNN, Carefirst, U.S. Department of Education, ATF headquarters, and D.C. government agencies all calling NoMa home.

In 2007 Mayor Adrian Fenty, and the city counsel approved a budget in support of making NoMa one of D.C.’s most exciting mixed use neighborhoods. This budget will allow for NoMa to build many new restaurants, stores, and houses; along with attracting new business that will continue to allow for development in the area. All of these large business and companies have made this one the Districts prime locations, not only for the now, but the future as well. 

— Willis Bradwell