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Spotlight on: Mr. James Gray

Over the past few weeks of the summer youth program here at DCRA,

James Gray

James Gray

members of the communications team have been going around to different departments trying to gain a full perspective on how the agencyworks. One of these trips was to the DCRA office located at 1900 Massachusetts Avenue–better known as D.C. General.

While on this visit, we learned how the inspection process works, and why it is such a vital part of not only DCRA, but the entire city as well. One of the supervisors of inspections is mister James Gray.  Mister Gray is the head supervisor of inspections and compliance for wards 5 and 6 in the District.  He overlooks a team of ten employees who are responsible for inspecting and making sure all plumbing, electricity, and construction is done properly. He has been working with DCRA for 22 years, and says that he loves his job. The biggest reward he gets from his job is knowing that his work directly benefits the community in a positive way.

One of the keys for his department’s success during his time here is good team work. He mentioned that without good team work from his employees, the process of inspecting all properties in wards 5 and 6 would be nearly impossible.

Although mister Gray already has a lot of responsibilities as a head supervisor, his job title does not end there. During the past few years mister Gray has also become a member of D.C.’s emergency response team. This means that during any terrorist attacks or natural disasters, it is mister Gray’s responsibility to help with the assistance of other emergency personnel to try and keep the city under control.

–Willis Bradwell


Spotlight On: Monae Sheffield

Monea Sheffield

Monae Sheffield

This week, I would like to shine the spotlight on summer youth worker Monae Sheffield. Monae is 15 years old and attends Roosevelt Senior High School in Washington, D.C. This upcoming school year, Monae will be entering the 10th grade. She is a very intelligent young lady who loves to read. Her favorite subjects are math and science and she has had the honor of receiving a scholarship for science and human health. Monae has also competed in and won a science fair.

Here, at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Monae is excelling in her work. She has joined the Customer Service division, and is showing exemplary behavior in every task that she has been assigned. During my interview with Monae she gave me an overview of her normal day which consists of handling correspondence calls, scanning and making copies. She expressed her excitement for the up and coming weeks because she will have the opportunity to begin scheduling inspections. Monae also spends a lot of her day with DCRA employee Nikkia Greene. She sits at the front desk of the director’s office. Monea stated that she enjoys working there and she is also aware that the opportunity is a privilege. Working at the front has given Monae the opportunity to enhance her office skills such as; operating telephones, assisting customers and scheduling meetings.

Monae would define herself as great person who enjoys a challenge. She stated that she does not mind picking up slack for her team members. She believes in working together for the betterment of her group or team members. Monae plans to go to college. She wants to attend Princeton, Harvard or Georgetown University and she wants to become a lawyer. She also wants to obtain a degree in business. One day she wants to open a homeless shelter for women and children. She enjoys working for DCRA and is well aware that the techniques and skills that she will learned this summer is to benefit her later in life. She plans on using the knowledge she gained as a tool in high school and throughout her future.

–Dajah Blackwell

Weights & Measures: Still Showing Off

Mr. Lawrence Taylor of the Weights and Measures Department tests a scale at a local hospital.

Mr. Lawrence Taylor of the Weights and Measures Department tests a scale at a local hospital.

A little over a week ago, a few of us from the communications department went to view a presentation by the youth working in the Office of Weights and Measures (OWM). The two summer youth employees that were presenting were Kenneth Allen and Duane Bumbray. They were basically trying to explain to the group what goes on in weights and measures, what weights and measures means, and the different divisions of it.

Kenneth Allen took over explaining OWM’s mission statement, what they do down on the second floor and what they do as summer youth. He was very clear and made it seem like he is really taking this job, even if for the summer only, very seriously. Duane Bumbray touched base on what it is like to conduct a gas inspection. He walked the group through the different phases/steps of the process (including safety, inspection, marketing, math, and the concluding stages), and then also explained what a truck sale inspection is like. Kenneth then wrapped the presentation up by explaining inspections of grocery stores and pre-packaged goods.

Both Kenneth and Duane explained the information thoroughly and without any help from an adult supervisor. They seemed interested in what they have done so far in the department and were willing to share it with the rest of the group. They also were open to questions (even though no one really had any J ) which also showed how they knew their information and didn’t mind sharing that knowledge. Great job guys!

–Lesley Thomas