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Communications Division

On the second day of the DCRA Summer Youth Employment Program we asked 21 year old Andrea Plowden a couple of questions about her second day of work. She attends Ballou High School. She plans to go to college in the fall. We asked her what she plans to do with the money she’ll earn this summer and she said that she plans on saving it. We also asked her what her expectation was from doing this job for the summer. Andrea told us she wanted to earn a permanent job.

I ran into 16 year-old Jabriel Imgram who is also really excited about the job. Jabriel seems to be a bright young man. This coming school year, he will be a junior at Coolidge Senior High School. He wants his resume to stand out more so that’s why he decided to work in the DCRA office building. So, when its time to find a job he will already have that type of experience. With the money he makes here, he wants to go shopping, help pay bills and most of all he wants to get tattoos.

– Demetria Lunsford

Demetria Lunsford

Getting to Know Co-Workers

Charday Green

Today is the first day of the District’s Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs summer youth employment program. We decided to visit with some of our fellow youth employees to ask them questions that may help the DCRA staff get to know them better. We asked 16 year-old Laurence Cross what his favorite part of the day was. He told us that seeing his supervisor again was what he enjoyed most. Laurence has experience working with the “Support Services Division”. Last year helped give him people skills and now he’s brilliant at his job. There’s another thing that Laurence is really good at, football.  He says for as long as he can remember he always loved football. Now, he’s playing football for Ballou Senior High School. His goal is to attend college and become a professional football player.

We also talked to 16 year-old Leah Britton. Her favorite part of today was the lunch break. She didn’t expect the DCRA summer youth program to be this fun. Leah’s goal is to learn how to communicate with others. After her summer job with DCRA is over, Leah plans to communicate with a lot more people. But, during the program she told us she will be saving the majority of her money and going on a shopping spree.

Next, we ran into 20 year-old Latoya Pannell. She loves getting to know others. She said she’s been having fun from the moment she walked into the building. She even wants the opportunity to learn more about DCRA as she shares her time with the staff. Her work in the communications department will help her be more confident when she attends Everest College this Fall.

– Charday Green

Welcome back to a brand new year!

Jason Barnes


Welcome back to DCRA’s Summer Youth Program! This year we will have some interesting and cool things to share. We’ve had a slow start, but starting today we’re getting ourselves back in the game and we’re showing everyone. Stay tuned for more updates and articles summarizing our stay in 2010’s Summer Youth Program!

– Jason Barnes