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Team Leaders and Supervisors

We all want to be that person in charge, that person with the upper hand who makes things happen. Today we heard from two people who did just that. Linda Argo Regulartory director and Cryil Byron Enconomic Development director both did a fatastic job explaining to the youth how very importamt it is to lead by example “Just because no one is physically there to witness your hard work that dosen’t mean it isn’t being noticed” say’s Cryil Byron.I think that Iam one of many youth workers who became inspired by both speakers to go to college work hard and put my all into everything that I do because you never know who watching.I left that room ready to be on top ,willing to do whatever it took to be the head of a company

Guest Speakers Linda Argo and Cryil Byron

What’s For Lunch?

Youth Worker Crystal Hutchison enjoys a heathy salad from safeway

There are a variety of places wher you can eat on your lunch break. Depending on the walk you are willing to take, there is the DC wharf, which is a couple of blocks down, or even McDonald’s which is also a few blocks away. If you’re anything like me, you may want to keep your walk short and simple. If that’s the case, there’s a Safeway right next door where you can enjoy delicious sandwiches from the deli, a fresh salad or fruit from the salad bar or better yet if you wanna go healthy but tasty all at the same time you can visit the frozen section and pick up a lean cuisne.

I spoke with Youth worker Leah Britton. ” I go to the same lunch spot everyday and seems like alot of other people do as well. I get tired of going to Safeway  everyday, but I look at it on the bright side. It’s a lot more healthy than going to McDonald’s everyday.”

SYEP Pay Day!

My team and I went around asking the other summer youth some questions to find out about their pay. Did they have issues? Are they saving? Did they spend it all? Plans for the future? Heres a small video showing what we found out!

Paycheck Eve

Want Some Cash?
Well, you’ve toiled and sweat and toiled some more…okay, not really, but you’ve been employed for a few weeks and what do you get from a job after you’ve worked for a period of time?! That’s right, a paycheck.  Tomorrow, July 21st, summer  youth employment program workers will be rolling in the dough…okay, you won’t really be rolling in the dough, but close.

Your paychecks will be for the first two weeks that you worked, June 28 – July 10.  Remember, the money will be electronically added to the Visa debit cards that were mailed to you either before the program began or right after you started working.  If you have any problems (forgot your PIN number, lost the card, etc.) when you get ready to use your card, contact ADP/Visa directly at 1-877-237-4321.  If you believe that the amount of your paycheck is incorrect, contact Ms. Kristina Swann or Ms. Tania Williams and they’ll look into it.

Otherwise, spend wisely and try to put a little something aside for a rainy day! Your savings can really add up over time, so even $25 stashed away from every paycheck can make a huge difference!

Remaining Pay Dates

Payroll Calendar Pay Period               Pay Date
July 11th through  July 24th                   Wednesday, August 4th
July 25th through August 7th                Wednesday, August 18th
August 8th through August 17th           Wednesday, September 1st

Weekend Fun In The City: Hangout spots

So, D.C. is kinda small and not many places that are teen friendly, because come on, we don’t like playgrounds anymore (I still like the swings though… :D). So, where can you go that’s reachable and has pretty much all you need to spend less money? Well, Georgetown is the place, if you know what you’re doing and where to go. I’m going to assume a good amount of the people who should really be reading this are 16-20, so stay out of the bars! Now that that’s finished, on to the fun stuff. Georgetown is probably one of the most expensive parts of D.C. All of the stores are pretty costly there.

The Georgetown Waterfront is a very chill place to be. It’s got a nice view of the Potomac River and the tall buildings in Crystal City. When the sun sets, and the sky is orange, the reflection of the windows and the river make it a beautiful sight. It’s also a nice place to take a girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a group of friends. If your at the pier, you get a nice view of the boats and the people partying and having fun. The lawn area is a nice place to sit down and just ponder over the water.

There are many different kinds of stores around this area and there is a movie theater (Georgetown Loew’s) directly behind the river. Right beside it there’s a Hershey Ice Cream Shop. There are also high-classed restaurants (and low class for us) and other kinds of convenience stores like your average corner store and CVS. There is a Barnes & Noble and an Apple Store, so you have plenty of places to sit around and chill. The night life is pretty cool as well. There’s a guy I like to call “The Metallica”. He is usually near the waterfront playing his electric guitar or with a band playing some fun jazzy stuff. Georgetown isn’t the safest place in the world, but it’s better than most places. Just watch your back and keep an eye open, but otherwise have fun.

–Jason Barnes

Weekend Fun in The City: Movies

The weekend is here!! Woohoo!! It’s time for fun and play and today I’m going to try and give you the run down of things that you could possibly do to make your weekend a fun and joyous time.

Movies, food, and just regular old fun! These are things we do to make our time pass without that feeling that you’re not just sitting around wasting time. This year has provided a nice substantial amount of movies of just about every genre available to us.

If the picture doesn’t tell you what this is, then you certainly didn’t have a childhood. Toy Story 3 is a must see movie and in my opinion the movie that highlights the year of 2010. It’s the last installment of the Trilogy that most people from my generation grew up on and it’s absolutely beautiful. There is no other words to describe this fantastic movie. It’s for any one and all ages, so check it out and enjoy! Kudos to Pixar!

Despicable Me was not what I was expecting, it was better. I saw this film last weekend with my friends and I loved it. It’s funny, has a good story, and it keeps you focused on it. It’s about a Super villain whose dream is to steal the moon, but he comes across the problem of three young orphans, who he takes care of. The transitions the character goes through are very family oriented. It’s fun and adorable!

Calling all Avatar fans! Do Not See This Movie… unless of course your stuck into taking your younger family member to see it. I am a Die Hard Avatar fan and I have to say this movie was a very big disappointment. Too many things were not correct as far as story and characters. The movie was 2 hours of very bad acting and even worse character/person matching. Don’t worry, the movie will not blind you, but for anyone whose never seen the animated series, it sets the wrong example. Good graphics however.

So, my first impression of this film was that it was another movie that looked great in the trailers, looked like it was hilarious, and did a great job. I’m surprised to say that that was exactly the case. Grown Ups was knee slapper quality, and if you do not know what that means, it means “Laugh so hard you can’t stay still and slap your knees.” Great combination of actors and a story that wasn’t all too predictable. This is a great comedy to check out and if your up for a nice laugh, you should go to your nearest movie theater and see it!

If your into action, then this is your movie. The next installment in the Predators series is out and it’s just like it was in the beginning; Humans running and big, bulky, aliens chasing them down for laffs and giggles. It’s the typical Predator film and it’s everything you expect from it. Guns, blades, and blood is the theme for this movie. Keep the kids at home (and if you are a kid, go beg your older sibling) and see this movie, it will get you nice and worked up.

This is a brand new movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio and it’s big! Inception is supposedly said to be Star Wars meets the Matrix, or something along those line. It’s been long awaited and I’m pretty sure today, on it’s debut, fan girls will be running to see this film. It looks very interesting and so far, DiCaprio hasn’t disappointed me in any of his newer films. If your up for a good looking, stay-on-your-feet thriller, then this is your ticket, or I hope it is, cause I will be seeing it today!

So these are the movie highlights of the weekend. Take a look and go see these films, then come back and tell us what you thought. Maybe I was too harsh or too lenient? Who knows, so come and discuss!

–Jason Barnes

Learning How Government Works

Just like any other workforce, DCRA has prepared mandatory weekly meetings  for the summer youth employees. In these meetings we will learn the skills that are needed in the professional world.  Our first session was entitled “Understanding Government Structure and Operations”.

We heard  from guest speakers Paul Waters from the Enforcement of Legislative Reviews and Eric Rodgers, manager of the enforcement division.  Both Waters and Rodgers talked about their passions for government and what it took to get them where they are today 

“Ive been working in the government for ten years.  Im bascially the guy with the heavy hand who says, ‘hey you me money’,” says Rodgers. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Waters had this to say, “I’ve been working with government for 25 years and in order for you to really enjoy this job, it has to really be something you enjoy doing.”

Eric Rodgers

Paul Waters

Summer Youth

Spotlight On: Jeremy Bennett

Here at DCRA’s Summer Youth Program we have a lot of good workers, so we decided to show off one in particular! His name is Jeremy Bennett and this is his second year working with us. In this interview we are asking questions about how he’s spent his time here and what has changed from this year to last year. Enjoy!

Abatement Team Hard at Work!

DC ‘s summer youth program has been working in different departments developing  much needed work skills. The Abatement team has been going around cleaning up different neighborhoods giving help to the elderly.

More Clean up!

Cleaning up old grass and weeds!

These guys are hard at work!

Lending a helping hand!

Take Me Seriously!

If you have any questions about what’s appropriate to wear to work, look no further!  DCRA staff and fresh on the job summer youth employees joined forces to give you an idea in a fashion show extravaganza.  Some DCRA staff truly stepped out of their normal element and for that, we thank them.  Enjoy!